Today is the opening day of our Trading Card Contest. Last week we introduced all the cards available, today Officers will be handing them out when approached. This program is focused on building positive relationships with the youth of the town. The contest will run from April 5th, 2021-August 31, 2021. Here are the official rules:

Contest Rules:
1. The contest is open to all children that reside in Hazlet Township up to age 14.
2. To receive a card, the child should approach the officer, introduce themselves, and ask for a card.
3. Do not approach a Police Officer when it looks like they are on a call. A good indicator would be if they have their emergency lights on, or they are talking with a person and taking notes. If in doubt, stand off to the side, a safe distance away, and wait until the officer is done doing what they are doing.
4. Do not disregard your safety, or the officer’s! This includes not running into the street! A good tip would be to wave to passing patrol cars and as long as they are not heading on a call, they will stop to talk with you.
5. Parents and/or guardians are not permitted to collect the cards for their children. The purpose is for the children to experience positive interactions with the police.
6. Some cards are only available at the police station located at 255 Middle Road, so stop in and say hi!

**Be aware, renovations are happening at Police Headquarters at this time, specifically the lobby area. Try to catch an officer out on the road, and for those cards that are easier to collect at HQ, please look for a note posted with a phone number to call to see who is available!**

Once your child has collected all 45 cards, come into headquarters for prize, courtesy of Ralph’s Italian Ice!