It is the policy of the Hazlet Township Police Department that the critical mission of law enforcement justifies the maintenance of a drug free work environment through the establishment and use of a reasonable drug-testing program.

The police profession has several uniquely compelling interests that justify the use of drug testing.  The public has a right to expect that those who protect them are at all times both physically and mentally prepared to perform these duties. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that the use of controlled substances, and other forms of drug abuse, will seriously impair an employee’s physical and mental health, and thus, their job performance.

Where police officers or police employees participate in improper drug use and drug activity, the integrity of the police profession and public confidence in it are destroyed. This confidence is further eroded by the potential for corruption created by drug use.

Therefore, in order to ensure the integrity of the department and to preserve public trust and confidence in a fit and drug free police profession, this department has instituted a drug testing program to deter prohibited drug use by all sworn and non-sworn personnel.

Drug Screening Policy