The Hazlet Police Department (L.E.A.D) program Law Enforcement Against Drugs and it L.E.A.D trained Officers are proud to work and collaborate within the Township School District.  The L.E.A.D program is an anti-drug curriculum designed to promote positive, pro-social, attitudes and behaviors, while fostering healthy relationships, resistance to substance abuse and conflict, and resistance to negative peer pressure and influence primarily targeting 5th grade students as well as a subsequent 8th grade program.

Hazlet has several L.E.A.D. Officers which play an instrumental role in not only educating students, but forming a strong partnership among the police, schools, parents, and children. By teaching students the good decision making skills they need to avoid high-risk behavior, L.E.A.D. training helps to ensure they grow up healthy, safe and secure. The skills that students learn through this program are important life lessons that will stay with them as they mature.



The Senior and Freshman high school students receive the #NEO (#Not Even Once) program during their Health Classes.  NEO is an interactive Opioid awareness program.  The curriculum was created by the Manchester Twp. Police Department to address the concerning trend of Opioid misuse.  The NEO Instructors (Lieutenant Forgione, Officer Logothetis, Officer Hungerford, Officer Corcione, and Officer M Quinn) are all Raritan High School Alumni and share personal stories of how drug abuse has affected close friends or family in order to connect with students.  With the assistance of Hazlet Hope Network, NEO concentrates on: Avoiding Opioid misuse, Opioid treatment, New Jersey Strict Liability Laws, and Good Samaritan Laws.