Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau provides comprehensive investigation services for the citizens of Hazlet Township. The Detective Bureau’s primary function is to identify and apprehend criminal offenders. Assigned Detectives handle a variety of complex, in-depth investigations, including but not limited to suspicious deaths, missing persons, sexual assaults, burglaries, financial crimes, computer crimes, fraud, robberies and narcotic related offenses.

The Detective Bureau is primarily responsible for locating and interviewing victims and witnesses; locating, identifying and preserving physical evidence; recovering stolen property; identifying, locating, interviewing and arresting criminal suspects; and presenting criminal cases to the County Prosecutor for criminal prosecution.

As per the ATTORNEY GENERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT DIRECTIVE NO. 2018-6 v2.0, the Detective Bureau also holds the responsibilities set forth in the Immigration Trust Policy

Specific Guidelines in the above Policy regarding the T- and U-visa Certifications can be found here: U and T Visa Guidelines

Detective Names & Extensions

Detective Lieutenant Nicholas Greene

732-264-0763 x 2106
Internal Affairs

Detective Operations

Detective Michael Tristao

732-264-0763 x 2125

Megan’s Law

Juvenile Matters


Detective Steven Venticinque

732-264-063 x2138

Bias Crimes

Bias Incident Investigations Policy


Detective Russell Surdi

732-264-0763 X2112