A recent incident highlights the significant impact of proactive home security assessments conducted by the Hazlet Township Police Department’s Home Assessment Team. The implementation of recommendations from a previous home assessment resulted in the recent prevention of a residential burglary and potential motor vehicle theft, showcasing the tangible benefits of community-engaged crime prevention initiatives.
Following a similar incident at the residence approximately seven months ago, a comprehensive, no – cost home security assessment was conducted on June 10th, 2023 by the Hazlet Township Police Department at the request of the homeowner. The vigilant resident implemented the suggested security enhancements made by our team.
In the early morning hours of November 8th, 2023, another attempted burglary at the same residence was thwarted. The potential burglary victim had surveillance cameras previously installed prior to the home assessment which shows footage of an individual attempting to gain access to the residence.
Chief Wittke emphasizes the critical role of proactive security measures in preventing crime, stating, “This incident underscores the importance of our home security assessment program. The homeowner’s quick action and implementation of our recommendations not only protected their property, but also sent a message that Hazlet residents are not going to be easy targets”.
This incident serves as a testament to the effectiveness of community-engaged crime prevention initiatives and highlights the vital role residents play in enhancing neighborhood safety.
Residents interested in scheduling a home security assessment or learning more about proactive crime prevention measures can contact Lt. Christopher Acevedo at 732-264-0763 Ext. 2119
As always, the Hazlet Township Police Department remains committed to fostering a safer community through proactive engagement, collaborative efforts, and empowering residents with the tools and knowledge to enhance their security.