Hazlet Addictive Substance Support and Intervention Service Team

The Hazlet Police Department and Hazlets Hope Network have teamed up to provide this service to anyone seeking assistance with substance abuse disease. 
Heroin and opioid abuse continues to be an issue throughout Monmouth County communities. Often times police will arrest someone who is suffering from Substance Abuse Disorder but are unable to offer any substantial help to the person to prevent future issues. Heroin and opioid abuse is a public health crisis and in 2017 Hazlet’s Hope Network became our number one resource to assist those looking to get help with this disease. Even with Hazlet’s Hope deploying peer counselors to speak to those we have in custody, we are aware there are still individuals and families who may feel lost and hopeless when dealing with substance abuse. ASSIST is our way of giving those individuals a chance to find support, get answers to questions, and ultimately find help in whatever situation they are facing.
Every Tuesday between the hours of 10AM-12PM there will be a representative from Hazlet’s Hope stationed in the Hazlet Municipal Courtroom. There is zero interaction with police officers during these hours. We want to ensure people struggling with these issues are not deterred by fear of previous incidents with police where they have been arrested. 
The purpose is to provide a resource for those who are, and those who have loved ones, struggling with addiction. These representatives will be able to assist the person of concern with getting admitted to treatment facility that is best suited to fit their needs. They will also offer support to family members looking to help a loved one who is not yet willing to ask for themselves. No one will be turned away.
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We encourage anyone to stop in and speak to a recovery specialist in a quiet and personal atmosphere.