In April 2020 and in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Hazlet Township Police Department initiated the Body Worn Recorder [BWR] ( also know as Body Worn Cameras) Program for the proper and lawful operation of the body worn audio/video camera systems to all sworn officers. The Watch Guard body worn recorder is worn by all Hazlet Township Police Officers while on duty and during their performance of their duties.  It is the policy of the Hazlet Township Police Department to utilize BWRs to assist agency personnel in the performance of their duties by providing an accurate and unbiased recorded account of an incident.

BWR recordings are invaluable to law enforcement for evidential purposes. BWRs have demonstrated their value in providing unbiased evidence for the prosecution of criminal, traffic, and other related offenses and to protect civilians and personnel from false claims of misconduct. Additionally, this equipment will provide valuable instructional material that can be utilized for in-service training programs.

Shown above are images of a Patrol Officer wearing the Body Worn Recorder on the outer carrier. 

Please be aware, officers are required to wear BWRs, however Officers in the Detective Division when not required to wear an outer carrier have their cameras magnetically affixed to their chest when they are required to wear them.  All Officers wearing the outer carrier will have the BWR in the same position.