Dispose of unused prescription drugs in a safe manner. Hazlet Township Police is an authorized site for Project Medicine Drop, where unused prescription drugs can be dropped off 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a secure disposal box located in the police lobby.

What types of medicine may be placed in the box?

For safety reasons, the Project Medicine Drop boxes can only accept solid medications such as pills, patches, inhalers, and similar objects.

The boxes cannot accept liquids, medical waste, or syringes. Consumers wishing to dispose of these objects should speak with their doctors or pharmacists to find the safest and best ways to dispose of them.



Yearly totals of properly disposed medications:

  • 2016- 91 lbs
  • 2017- 416 lbs
  • 2018- 389 lbs
  • 2019-471 lbs
  • 2020- 353 lbs
  • 2021- 150 lbs, so far!