1. Letter of Recognition

Presented to Deputy Chief Robert Mulligan and Sgt. Robert Dickens

On July 6, 2021, dozens of officers responded to Hazlet for a multi-agency search of a wooded area for a suspect accused of stabbing a person in Keyport. After several hours of an intensive search during unbearable heat and resulting thunderstorms, the Police Department received a call from a witness who observed the wanted subject behind St. Johns Methodist Church. By this time the search had already been called off because of the weather and Deputy Chief Robert Mulligan and Sgt. Robert Dickens were on their way home. Once the call was broadcasted over the radio they both redirected towards the area where the subject was observed. A brief search revealed that the subject was naked and was hiding behind a fence and air conditioning unit. While Sgt. Dickens held the subject at gunpoint and provided verbal commands, Deputy Chief Mulligan entered the fence area to place the subject in custody. While making the arrest, Deputy Chief Mulligan sustained injuries to his head from the impact of the fence. Deputy Chief Mulligan and Sgt. Robert Dickens, you are commended for your actions in which you rose to surpass the normal everyday duties and support the core values and mission of the Hazlet Township Police Department. 

  1. Squad Award

Presented to Sgt Robert Dickens, Ptl Patrick Kiley, Ptl Cody Sachs, Ptl David Turner, Ptl Connor Sheehan, and Ptlwm Danielle LaCapria

On June 17 2022, Several Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident in which the driver fled the scene. Sergeant Dickens responded and observed the driver fleeing from the vehicle on foot. Dickens then engaged the operator in a foot chase until losing the subject in a nearby wooded area. Officers Kiley, Turner, Sheehan and LaCapria set up a perimeter around the area while K9 Rico, Ptl. Sachs and Sgt. Dickens attempted to locate the subject. After an exhaustive search, Ptl. Kiley was able to identify the subject and place him at the scene through investigative means. The subject was apprehended the next day and confessed to the charges of Eluding, Obstruction, and several motor vehicle offenses. All officers performed at a high level with having multiple scenes, and follow up investigative work, needed to make the arrest. They are all commended for their efforts working with a single unit to accomplish a departmental task. 

  1. Meritorious Award.

Presented to Ptl John Corcione

On June 29th, 2022, Patrolman John Corcione, along with other officers, were dispatched to Home Depot in reference to a suicidal male who was in possession of multiple weapons, particularly knives. The male subject was threatening to harm himself. The officers on location formulated a plan where a perimeter would be established to secure the scene while Patrolman Corcione began to communicate with the suicidal subject. While conversing, it was evident the subject was agitated and he continuously raised the knife in his hand. Using his Crisis Intervention Training, Patrolman Corcione empathized and built a rapport with the male subject. Patrolman Corcione was eventually able to get the suicidal subject to drop the knife to the ground. The subject was subsequently secured and brought to a medical facility for treatment. Patrolman Corcione used outstanding communication and listening skills and prevented risk to life or limb where death or injury could have occurred. Patrolman Corcione is commended for an act of heroism rising under adverse conditions which created risk of injury to another and was prevented by the officer.

  1. Squad Award

Presented to Sgt Edward Schmidt, Ptl Nicholas Hungerford, Ptl Michael Pease, Ptl Rocco Serpico, and Ptl Michael Vamos

On June 29th, 2022, these officers were dispatched to Home Depot in reference to a suicidal male who was in possession of multiple weapons, particularly knives. The male subject was threatening to harm himself. The officers developed a plan to create a perimeter and quickly began their de-escalation tactics. Patrolman John Corcione was able to establish a rapport with the male subject as remaining patrols took up tactically advantageous positions and ensured the scene was safe for all. After a very long duration in which Ptl. Corcione was able to convince the person to surrender, the officers were able safely secure the male subject without harm. These officers are commended for leading the effort in working with a single unit to accomplish a departmental task. This effort saved a life.

  1. Letter of Recognition

Presented to Sgt Edward Schmidt, Ptl Joseph Eckel, Ptl Cody Sachs, Ptl Nicholas Hungerford, Ptl Michael Pease, and Detective Steven Venticinque

On August 9, 2022 officers responded to a Robbery at the Shell Gas Station on Hwy 36 and Middle Road.  During the robbery the attendant had been stabbed and the suspect fled on foot prior to police arrival. These officers quickly treated the victim for his injuries and took steps to obtain as much information as possible. Det Venticinque, Ptl Sachs, and K9 Rico were called to the scene to take statements, locate and process evidence.  Using the K-9, Officers on scene were able to track the route that the suspect traveled. During this track, the K9 was able to help officers locate evidence that was ultimately used to identify the wanted person.  These officers are commended for their actions as they have surpassed their everyday duties and helped in the apprehension of a violent criminal.

  1. Honorable Service

Presented to Sgt Edward Schmidt, Det Michael Tristao, Ptl John Corcione, Ptl Nicholas Hungerford, and Ptl Joseph Eckel.

On August 17th, 2022, these officers responded to a local residence for a report of an aggravated assault. Once on scene, officers determined the victim needed advanced medical attention. It was also determined the accused was still on location. Quickly, the accused was properly secured. At this time, the Hazlet Township Detective Division as well as the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, specifically the Major Crimes Unit, were called upon. These officers ensured the crime scene maintained its’ integrity as they continued to assist and help process. Detective Tristao processed the scene and conducted the follow up investigation. Subsequent to this lengthy and multifaceted investigation, the accused was charged with homicide. These officers are commended as they rose to and exceeded the challenges they were confronted in an atypical situation.

  1. Exceptional Service

Presented to Sgt Robert Dickens, Sgt Will Marvel, Ptl Patrick Kiley, Ptl Cody Sachs, Det Steven Venticinque, and Ptl David Turner.

On December 29 2022, Officers were dispatched to an emergency in the area of Laurel Avenue and Middle Road, in reference to an unresponsive baby. It was quickly determined that the baby was actively overdosing and NARCAN was administered. The baby was transported to the hospital as he regained consciousness. Officers on scene continued to investigate the incident and eventually secured a residence in Hazlet Township, obtained a search warrant, and seized a substantial number of illegal narcotics. This led to the arrest of the child’s father.  These officers are commended for the innovative accomplishment which brings praise to Hazlet Township Police Department shown through dedication of service to the community and the law enforcement profession.


  1. Letter of Recognition

Presented to Det Lt Kevin Geoghan, Det Tristao, Det Surdi, and Det Venticinque.

On March 29, 2023 Detectives Michael Tristao, Russell Surdi, Steven Venticinque and Detective Lieutenant Kevin Geoghan, followed up on an investigation of an armed robbery. Detectives were able to quickly identify the suspect and where he lived. They took the additional steps to secure a court ordered search warrant. Due to the fact that the suspect was armed with a handgun and believed to be dangerous, detectives conducted a surveillance operation in order to affect the search warrant safely. After a period of time the suspect was seen exiting his residence and an attempt was made at taking him into custody before he could reenter the home.  The suspect resisted arrest but was taken into custody. The subsequent search of the residence revealed that the suspect did in fact possess an illegal, fully loaded weapon. He was charged with multiple offenses to include Robbery, Simple Assault, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, and Resisting Arrest. These detectives are commended for rising up to surpass the normal everyday duties and supporting the core values and mission of the Hazlet Township Police Department.

  1. Life Saving Award

This award is presented to Ptl Kevin Quinn and Ptl Joshua Wagner.

On May 14, 2023, Ptl Kevin Quinn and Ptl. Joshua Wagner responded to a medical emergency where a female subject was reported to be actively choking.  Upon arrival it was discovered that the female was struggling to breath due to the obstruction. Working as a team, Ptl. Quinn and Ptl. Wagner immediately began life saving measures which included the Heimlich Maneuver, and back blows.  They ultimately used a “LifeVac” machine and were able to clear the subject’s airway before she lost consciousness. Both officers played a vital role in resuscitating the patient who was promptly transported to a medical facility. These officers are commended for their actions and quick thinking which lead to the preservation of human life.

  1. Exceptional Service Award

Presented to Sgt. Tara Theis.

In June of 2023 Sgt. Tara Theis showed initiative in working with school district personnel to develop and implement a summer reading program for Hazlet students. This type of creativity lends itself to further foster good police community relations. Sgt. Theis, you are commended for your actions which show an innovative accomplishment bringing public praise to the Hazlet Township Police Department through dedication of service to the community and law enforcement profession.

  1. Squad Award

Presented to Ptl. Serpico, Ptl. Kevin Quinn, Det. Venticinque, Det. Surdi

On June 15, 2023 Ptl. Serpico and Ptl. Kevin Quinn responded to a local gas station for a report of a robbery in which two subjects stole merchandise and then assaulted the attendant in the process of leaving the premises.  Immediately, Ptl. Serpico along with the assistance of Ptl. K. Quinn went to work in identifying the assailants. They took numerous investigative steps to develop two suspects and share that information with the Detective Bureau. The following day Det. Venticinque and Det Surdi followed up on the leads provided and were able to positively identify both of the suspects as the persons that committed the robbery. They subsequently charged both with a series of crimes. Ptl. Serpico, Ptl. K. Quinn, Det. Venticinque, and Det. Surdi, you are commended for an effort set forth by a group of three or more officers, who worked together as a single unit to accomplish a departmental task rising to the level of protection of life or property.

  1. Letter of Recognition

Presented to Rhonda Schultz

This letter of recognition is to express the utmost appreciation and admiration for your exceptional dedication and commitment to this agency for a remarkable 24-years as the Department’s Administrative Assistant. Rhonda Schultz, your unwavering work ethic, outstanding multitasking abilities, fiscal responsibility, commitment, and genuine care for this organization has played a pivotal role in the success we have achieved over the years. Your commitment to our organization is evident to the entire Department in every task you undertake and your contributions extend far beyond your day-to-day duties. It is with great honor and gratitude that I recognize your exceptional achievements on behalf of the entire Police Department and extend our sincerest appreciation for your contributions in making this agency one of the best. Thank you for your exceptional service and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.