On March 23, 2020 we received notification that one of our officers tested positive for Covid-19. On Tuesday March 19th, this officer notified us that he had become ill with a fever and sore throat. We immediately removed him from service, contacted the County Health Department and activated protocols that were in place. The officer was put on home quarantine pending test results. In an abundance of caution, we also quarantined two additional officers who had close contact with this officer.  The infected officers symptoms have diminished and he is recovering on home care.

As of today, the two officers that have been on self quarantine are still symptom free and we are hoping they remain healthy.  We are working with the Monmouth County Health Department and following the CDC’s recommendations on when these officers can return to duty. Officer welfare and community safety remain the priority for the Hazlet Township Police Department. We ask that you please keep these three officers in your thoughts and prayers as well as anyone else infected with Covid-19.

Remember, Help Us Help You.
Wash Your Hands.
Don’t Panic.
Self Distance.