The officers of the Hazlet Police Department are very excited to introduce you to
our first “500 Minutes of Summer” Reading Initiative! This program is intended for
children entering grades 1 through 6 and is designed to reward children for
reading throughout the summer. There are over 10 weeks of summer vacation
starting June 26th, so reading for ten minutes a day, five days a week, Monday
through Friday, or however you and your child break it up, equals 500 minutes by
the last week of August.

Every time your child reads for ten minutes, they will color in one of the police
badges on the following page for our program. When all of the badges are colored
in — equaling 500 minutes — you may bring them to the Hazlet Police Station at
255 Middle Road to meet with one of our officers. Your child will be rewarded
with a small prize and maybe even a tour of the police station to celebrate their
hard work!

Your child may read any age- or level-appropriate books for this program. We ask
that you list the books read on the back of the coloring sheet so that your child
can see how much they accomplished.

You can even coordinate their book choices to correposnd to their school summer reading lists:

Grades 1-4 Summer Reading 2023

Grades 5-6 Summer Reading Letter 2023

This program will begin the week of June 26th and end the week of August 28th!

Please submit the following form at 255 Middle Road Hazlet NJ (Police Headquarters)  to a police Officer by August 28th. 

500 Minutes of Summer Coloring Page